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Re-claim, Re-purpose, Renew

These days, anything that stands still for too long around here will get filled with earth and planted out with vegetable seedlings! Containers are great for growing herbs and greens and I love bringing in the texture of old iron bits or galvanized metal into the garden. Here an old zinc pan has new purpose. Cosied up together in a mix of soil and compost are an aloe plant, garlic chives, cilantro, mint, tarragon, rosemary, scallion, a red lettuce Kyona and a few others. All ready to pick in just a couple weeks. When the plants get too big, just re-pot them or if you have space for a few beds, plant them out. Use containers and pots or barrels with that is unique to your style. My tin pan is a little battered, but the plants will pretty it up soon and knowing it had a past life gives it a charm I love. It joins the kitchen garden alongside my grandmother's mill, a sphere made from bits of iron strapping, and a tiny iron gate.#kitchengardens#sweetsmallspaces#containergardens#grow#gather#cook#create#eatgood#aplacetolinger#soilfood#foodforthesoul#homegrownandhandmadeThere's much more about cooking and eating from the kitchen garden in my cookbook My Goodness Greens now available🌿

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