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Its Naseberry Time!

Updated: May 3, 2020

May, the time of year when Jamaica is at its most fruitful! Delicious juicy mangoes, Otaheite Apples, Star Apples are all available from your favourite sidewalk vendors as well as one of my favourites, Naseberries! Usually eaten fresh, I've lightly seared the naseberries to highlight the sweet caramel flavour of the fruit, and paired it with creamy home-made labneh, nuts, chives and greens. This fresh delicious recipe is on page 117 of my cookbook, My Goodness! Greens. Just go to our Home page to purchase your copy!

From the book: Naseberries also known as Sapodilla or Chikoo, are a brown leathery skinned fruit about the size and shape of a small lemon. The golden red-brown fruit of a ripe naseberry has a velvety texture and a unique flavour reminiscent of dates. A good substitute for this fruit if you can't find Naseberries would be figs and dates.

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